Fr. Rutler Introduces Online Donations

A letter from Rev. George W. Rutler about donating online to the Church of St. Michael

Dear Parishioners and Friends of the Parish,

Here at the Church of St. Michael you respond in so many different ways to the work of the Church, and I want to thank you who have given so freely of your resources. Your gifts enable us to maintain our church building and support many charitable endeavors. While the parish, located as it is in this highly commercial neighborhood extending from Pennsylvania Station to the dockyards, has few resident parishioners, the help of commuters and visitors is vital to our work.

With the encouragement of the Archdiocese, and in keeping with parishes and other charitable institutions across the nation, we are going to make it more convenient for parishioners who so choose to use updated systems for making donations and keeping records.  As part of the parish's restoration fund, our new electronic communications installations are the finest for a parish with so many responsibilities in the center of this great city of the world.

This is an important endeavor especially in a parish such as ours where many leave the city on weekends and holidays.  A new automated giving program, for those who choose to use it, will allow the parish to adhere to a realistic budget regardless of the season of the year. It also provides accurate and instant record information as required by new government tax regulations for reporting charitable contributions.

This modernization has already been extremely well appreciated by members of many parishes, especially for its convenience and the bank security it provides.  I hope everyone considers enrolling in this program.

Donate Now at the secure ParishPay website.

Get More Information about online donations to the Church of St. Michael, NYC.

Faithfully yours,

Rev. George W. Rutler, S.T.D.

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